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more on this:
Rolig is right; the list isn't very useful because it doesn't provide  
enough information.
What projects are the schools listed involved in?
where are they located in SL/RL?
who's the contact person?

Here's my example.

I'm at Bradley University in Peoria, IL.

I've taught one three week course in SL and it was a special topics  
class. Looks like we're not doing much.

However, since, I've gotten two regular course offerings approved and  
will teach in SL almost the year round, starting next Jan.

We have two buildings on Info Island. Not a lot going on there.
However, our library director is on the Board of Directors of The  
Library Alliance and they are Info Island. Plus, our lib. director  
has gotten a grant to acquire a sim. and develop additional activities.

Further, I'm actively involved with NMC and support their work in SL  
whenever I can.

Would be impossible to ascertain much of that from the listing.

On Jun 15, 2007, at 11:56 AM, Rolig Loon wrote:

> The list on the simteach site is very fluid, Stan.  If you use the  
> count from it, be sure to date it, because the count will be  
> different tomorrow.  Also, be aware that many of the schools listed  
> there have an extremely limited presence.  I have been trying to  
> figure out exactly what criteria LL uses to put a school on that  
> list.  Apparently, it’s enough in some cases to have had an on- 
> campus “conversation” about SL. I’m still slogging my way through  
> the list, but I find that in many cases a “project” consists of a  
> one-time seminar or short course by a lone instructor. If you  
> intend to have readers infer that colleges/universities have  
> committed to SL as an educational platform, then the honest thing  
> to do is count only the ones who have (1) bought/rented property,  
> (2) established an ongoing (i.e., more than one semester) pattern  
> of educational offerings, (3) involved a team of faculty/staff, or  
> (4) initiated a research program with a basis in SL.  There are  
> almost certainly other criteria that you might add to that list,  
> I’m sure. This is not to demean the excellent work done by pioneers  
> – we all have to start somewhere, after all – but to help present a  
> more credible overview of what’s actually being done and who is  
> doing it.
> The point is that a savvy reader – for example, an administrator  
> who needs to be convinced to support his/her school’s involvement  
> in SL – will see right through a soft list.  Decision-makers are in  
> the business of risk assessment. To be convincing, it’s important  
> to show them that others have seen enough value in SL to make a  
> serious commitment.
> Rolig Loon
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> I am writing an article for a K-12 IT Publication and need to know  
> if someone can point me to the current count of Universities,  
> Colleges and K-12 institutions with projects in Second Life.  Thank  
> you in advance.
> Stan Trevena
> Director, Information and Technology Services
> Modesto City Schools
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