[SLED] Virtual Classroom Questions - warm thanks

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Thanks for the reply. As you can probably tell, I myself am not an 
educator but work with many on a daily basis (obviously). I tend to 
inhabit 'geek' lists and not educational ones, so my comments may not have 
been the most accurate assessment. Your explanation of residents  is 
interesting: guess I was not aware of that. I was basing my thoughts on 
observing this list......certain names recur frequently and not too many 
new ones, Although I guess some folks have to 'work' for a living :-) I'm 
sure they'd all rather be 'in-world'!


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Re: [SLED] Virtual Classroom Questions - warm thanks

Hi Dean,

That said, a couple of other comments. I joined this mailing list to see 
if anything would be beneficial in attempting to establish a presence in 
SL for our university. We are just in the beginning exploratory phase, 
although a couple of us IT geeks have been in SL for a couple of months or 
more. So far, the many letters to/from the list have been about 25% 

I'd agree with the 25% figure, but that actually is higher than many of 
the mailing lists I've been on. Not a bad signal to noise ratio really.

...........the rest too philosophical, which however, an English Professor 
friend of mine says, is typical of educators in general.

Well, Ph.D. stands for Doctor of Philosophy (among other things :-)) so we 
gotta get our money's worth.......

 The other comment - there are over 7 MILLION residents in SL, but only a 
mere handful or so who appear to be active in this particular forum. Does 
that mean SL just doesn't yet have a great deal of educating experiences? 

First, the 7 million number is not indicative of the number of SL 
residents. Seven million carbon based units have actually logged on at 
least once. The real number of SL residents is much much lower. Maybe 
500,000 - 1,000,000 and only 25,000 - 40,000 ever on at one time.

Secondly, I'm actually amazed by the number of educators in SL, if this 
list is any indication. This is about the most active list I've been on in 
a long time. And I've yet to go somewhere in SL and not gotten an 
education :-). SL seems to be growing at a frantic pace and the number of 
educators and educational institutions seems to be growing equally as 
fast. Every day I find yet another amazing educational build of some sort.

SLED is a great place but don't go on vacation or your inbox will be toast 
when you get back :-).

Good Luck with your explorations.

Doug Danforth
SL: DrDoug Pennell
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