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Mollie Dickenson Mollie.Dickenson at henleymc.ac.uk
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Hi everyone

I've joined Second Life lists as educator and researcher at Henley Management College in the UK. My current specific area of interest (with Professors Mike Pedler and John Burgoyne) is action learning (based on Revans original idea) but where it is carried out in virtual environments (synchronous or asynchronous using text, audio or visual means of virtual communication) instead of face-to-face. We would like to try it out in Second Life and would be most interested to hear from anyone else who is also interested in any of this - e.g has experience of 'virtual action learning' or 'online action learning' - doing it in Second Life.

Look forward to hearing from you

Mollie Dickenson 
Research Project Manager 
School of Management Knowledge and Learning 
Henley Management College 


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