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Distribute the servers, bust the grids into pieces.  Linden Lab would provide the links between grids and a central database for objects and L$.  It's the only logical next step in the evolution of the platform.  A contiguous land mass holds no value when everyone teleports everywhere anyway.  The only purpose a contiguous land mass serves is to give a size of the virtual world that can be compared to real life cities.  "Twice the size of San Francisco" holds no value if you can't fit the population of Cupertino (over 50k) on the main grid concurrently.  A concurrent user count of 1.5 million would be roughly "twice the population of San Francisco".  
Linden Lab cannot survive with a 40,000 concurrent user ceiling on the grids.  Blocking free accounts from logging in, and other "band aid" solutions to ease pressure on the grids in peak times will not allow Second Life to become the "next big thing".  Plateauing at 40k users for any significant length of time will bury Second Life as a "good idea" that was poorly executed.  
It remains to be seen if this problem will be solved, or if it's a hard coded limitation of the infrastructure that is not fixable without a full rewrite.  
All other issues are moot in comparison to this single improvement that must be made in order for Second Life to survive.
Stan Trevena


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1a) the entry process at every level (getting in, buying land, getting an island, etc.) 
1b) pretty clunky interface . . . would love to be able to move all windows/tear offs OFF SCREEN to different monitor real estate.

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	What is one thing you would improve about SecondLife? <http://pizzaandmayo.com/2007/06/09/what-is-one-thing-you-would-improve-about-secondlife/> 

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