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Thank you for the help!  I just wanted to clarify on the term Prim.  What exactly does that mean?  
Also, when you  buy "land" can you still make it private like an island? Is buying a piece of land the same thing as buying an island but just a smaller amount?  I am a little confused distinguishing the difference between "land" and "island".

Nick Papamarkos
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> You can buy already manufactured buildings or you can have someone build
> it for you.  You also can only purchase islands from Linden Labs and it
> is one size 64k meters. Otherwise, you can look for land for sale
> through the search option and purchase the size you want from private
> individuals.  Be careful though because there are islands that were sold
> by linden labs that don't have the same prim size that normal islands
> have. I started in SL by purchasing 512K and over the last year I have
> moved up in size...now I own my own Island.  
> I hope this helped and good luck on your search for purchase!
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> I am having trouble finding this in the archives so I thought I'd ask
> here.  
> I am trying to figure out, how you would build an island once you have
> purchased it?  Does SL provide you tools to create buildings such as
> libraries, classrooms, etc.?  If tools are given, what do they allow you
> to do?  
> Additionally, I saw the order form for purchasing a private island.  Is
> 64k meters the only size that is available to buy?  Have anyone else who
> has purchased an island gone a different route?
> Any help is greatly appreciated as I have just been notified that I will
> be presenting my project on SL to faculty (I am a student intern).   
> Thanks,
> Nick Papamarkos
> nickpapa at eden.rutgers.edu
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