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Dear Liz:

That is an excellent point and something that I will pass along ASAP in order to better accomodate the "international" component that we feel is vital. Hopefully, we can offer a better time within the next 48 hours that will cover the same material and then make sure that the next full gathering is a time best suited internationally.

Thanks for the kind reminder as this society's journey begins.


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> > Stone SL International Education Research Center June 6th at 6pm SLT 
> (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kings%20Stone/47/197/42). This is an open 
> meeting for anyone interested in joining the community dedicated to 
> teaching, learning and researching in and about Immersive Worlds such as 
> Second Life.> 
> I'd love to be able to get to this but 6pm SLT translates to 2am in the UK 
> which is just impractical for meetings! I know there will always be a 
> problem with time-zones but just wonder if there is any time of day which 
> would be reasonably friendly across the globe - and which could be aimed at 
> for online international gatherings. 
> Cheers 
> Liz Thackray 
> (aka lizit Cleanslate) 
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