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I appreciate all the discussion generated about this subject, however, the
topic has changed many times in the last 2 days. Please – to help
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Recent posts by Asa (thankyou for the EU contextualization), Jeremy (race
and skin color do matter outside of the US as well - but you are right to
point out that they play out different) and Irene (hardly that we are not
sophisticated enough to use the video purposefully but that the video was
presented to us as "reality" - implicitly - about bullying (as Asa points
out in her response about Birdie's comments) and not as "reality" about
turkish gang members and ethnic stereotyping) have added further depth to
our conversations. 


And Irene you are right - the discussion here is fantastic.



THIS discussion is to me about SL education and how we as educators can use
these tools (if we must) responsibly and to explore if this medium is indeed
enhancing or hampering our ability to pedagogically negotiate the
complexities of representational practices world wide. When are we as
educators part of the solution and when do we become part of the problem?


I am starting a group on SL on the politics of representation and pedagogy -
anyone interested should IM me inworld - rad Zabibha.


This fall I teach a course on Pedagogy at the grad level and hope to have
them participate in an SL based assignment that will include this group and
discussions with them. Therefore the group is about more than "SLED" - it is
about Pedagogy and representational practices.









On Jul 29, 2007, at 8:27 AM, Ilene Frank wrote:

This was a great video! (HYPERLINK
\nhttp://www.avataratschool.eu/mod/resource/view.php?id=83 ) Look at all the
discussion that has been generated here!  I'm gathering that some educators
are afraid that youngsters aren't sophisticated enough to have the same kind
of discussion about "Turkish gang members".  Or perhaps some educators here
are afraid that their colleagues aren't sophisticated enough to guide a
discussion on that aspect of the video?  I wonder if there are teaching
guides that go along with the video.  And it would be interesting to hear
from Matteo if the identification of the bully as "Turkish gang member" was
purposeful or not.  



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