[SLED] Casinos banned in SL?

Alex Halavais alex at halavais.net
Thu Jul 26 19:23:01 PDT 2007

I think it only means that you would have to role-play with fake cash.
I presume this is how you already do it in RL :). In other words, if
Linden Dollars are not fake enough, we need a different, *more* fake
currency. Although there isn't a direct API structure, it would
certainly be possible to create tools that interact with another
web-based currency.

Maybe QQ Coins...


On 7/26/07, Hilary Mason <Hilary.Mason at jwu.edu> wrote:
>  I think you're joking, but our University offers a concentration in Sports
> Entertainment and Gaming through our Hospitality College. Does this
> requirement mean that there's no chance that we could do role-plays for
> those students?

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