[SLED] free land, from millions of us

Paulo Frias pfriasc at yahoo.es
Thu Jul 26 11:47:23 PDT 2007

Dear Ed,

My name is Paulo Frias, I'm a teacher and researcher in Communication Sciences at University of Oporto, in Portugal.
It was really nice to know about the "millionsofus" project through your post. I usually read them carefully ;)
I'd like to let you know that last week we launch, at UP island in SL, the 1st Contest for our Island.
It aims to be a collaborative, democratic and participatory way to build the space for our academical community.
The island is open (Universidade do Porto), and we provided 32 skyboxes for our students.
In each skybox, it'll be one group with 4 students with different backgrounds working in a 1:10 model for the Island.
During the Contest, we plan to organize many events in the virgin terrain.
In November, after a public votation system, we will know the winner, and the model will "lay down" to the ground, where we will build the most voted project.

I hope we find the concept interesting, and I'll be waiting for your visit inworld soon.

Best, Paulo Frias aka PalUP Ling

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