[SLED] Blackboard and Second Life

lindy at gil.com.au lindy at gil.com.au
Tue Jul 17 18:32:20 PDT 2007

Hi Theodore
Apart from interest, is there any actual way to connect.

You might be interested in some development work happening at the University of
Southern Queensland in Australia. See

see examples of our work link and at the bottom load the Flux plug in
then under featured links see the ICE examples that are active. These are 3D
leanring objects and a 3D space on a page possible inside a web page.

Digital Strategy Project Officer

Quoting twu at berkeleycollege.edu:

> The Boston Second Life MeetUp Group at Vox Populi during the evening of
> 7/12/07 was attended by about 45 people.  Attending were Blackboard
> developers, Second Life developers, various Second Life personalities,
> representatives from Blackboard Inc., several representatives from Linden
> Labs, and Jeremy Kemp, representing the SLoodle (Moodle + Second Life)
> project.
> The day following, 7/13, was the Blackboard Developers Conference's
> listening session on Virtual Worlds and Blackboard.  There has been much
> discussion about the integrated use of Blackboard with Second Life,
> combining online asyncronous and syncronous education.  There is rising a
> development community for use of the Blackboard learning system with
> Second Life.
> Theodore Ubhaus
> Information Systems
> Berkeley College


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