[SLED] Holodeck

Douglas Danforth danforth.2 at osu.edu
Tue Jul 17 09:01:29 PDT 2007


This looks like an automated version of rez-faux (or rez-foo). Is 
that the technology behind these things?

Doug Danforth
SL:DrDoug Pennell

>The hyperstring.net model is half the price of the one you were looking at
>(L$5,000 instead of L$10,000), and is a full production model. It works very
>efficiently, too:
>The default builds are ugly as sin - something both models share. The issue
>with all these things is that everything put into it needs to be full perms
>in order for it to work. So it will always be a case of having to do your
>own builds - or someone to do them for you who is willing to give full perms
>over all objects.
>We have a hyperstring.net on EduNation II which you can check out - it's set
>up to work for any visitors, and is just opposite the main island landing
>point. As we haven't started using it yet, it is in its virgin state with
>just the default content - so should give you an idea of what you'd be
>Hope that helps,

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