[SLED] the copying of RL into SL is rather silly

Allan Sturm Allan at SturmDesign.com
Mon Jul 9 22:35:46 PDT 2007

That outfit rocks! (pun intended)


P.S. for those who miss the pun... look closely at the texture....

On Jul 9, 2007, at 10:32 PM, Catharin Eure wrote:

I am in no way suggesting to wear the cliche alter ego sex-kitten attire

but with the slider controls available in the edit - appearance menu  
there is a full range
of creative clothing options that are attractive, interesting,  
creative and professional

  ( see attached jpg )  did you find the controls that look like  
these  ... play around
this shirt is a texture under the "rock"  textures .. etc.  give it a  
try, better than a man's suit
If you would like to know more/ help let me know .. offline

<Picture 18.png>

Catharin Eure
Chair Graphic Design Department
Visual Communications
Laguna College of Art & Design
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ceure at lagunacollege.edu
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On Jul 9, 2007, at 10:00 PM, Diane Cardinal wrote:

> I agree with you Beth. There is no way I'd attend a seminar dressed  
> in most of the outfits readily available to female avatars. I got  
> so fed up with looking for something more demure that I bought a  
> man's suit. Mind you, I am more than happy to wear the flimsy  
> outfits when I'm doing my own thing.
> Di
> At 02:52 PM 7/10/2007, you wrote:
>> Let me toss my two cent in here...for what they are worth...
>> None of my classrooms resemble real life classrooms, and my avatar  
>> looks like Barbie. However, I pay my own way, and I receive  
>> support from the SL academic community to create the builds.
>> However, if someone else was paying my way (the college), the  
>> persons with the purse strings would expect the same-old same-old.  
>> While I may have adopted the technology, the people who fund me  
>> have not.
>> I suspect reputation and expectation - combined with worries about  
>> tenure and promotion - have a lot to do with how avatars are  
>> dressed and the kinds of builds that are made.
>> I hesitate to pass judgment because I don't know the full story.
>> Those are the two cents of the day :-)
>> B/desi
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