[SLED] SL Seal of Excellence?

Catheryn Cheal cheal at oakland.edu
Fri Jul 6 14:26:41 PDT 2007

Actually, I'm not interested in labels, seals, awards, or branding at this point. I just think there's too much experimentation going on for that at the moment. But it never hurts to have lists of things one can check if one wants to. Second Life was a virtual world with it's own code and ways of doing things (with I believe, a strong value on independence) long before the educators arrived. In fact, that is one of the appealing things about the world --the amount of variety that has been created. I think it's up to individual schools to do any actual policing of the teaching of their faculty.
Great discussion though.
Cathy (Kena Xeno)

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>   Right, it is worth repeating that I am not talking
>   about teaching/learning or content.  I am interested
>   in providing some sort of community driven label
>   that indicates that teachers have employed all
>   efforts to cite properly and respect student
>   privacy.
>   On 7/6/07, Catheryn Cheal <cheal at oakland.edu> wrote:
>     Hi Beth,
>     I like the idea of self-governance or governance
>     by a small group of early adopters, but the limits
>     of that are for a short period for any emerging
>     technology for teaching. Then the official
>     regional acceditors will surely get in on the act.
>     Besides I've seen too many different kinds of
>     effective teaching for too many different kinds of
>     learners to want to create artificial boundries
>     about what's good and what's bad teaching at such
>     an early stage here in Second Life... Although on
>     rereading your post, it sounds like you're talking
>     more about following certain regulations than
>     making judgements about teaching methodologies.
>     But I agree with Sarah that any regulation ought
>     to stay informal, with a document one can check
>     their own practices against. So I'd be all for
>     this group starting that kind of document.
>     Cathy (Kena Xeno)
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