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I agree. My philosophy of citation is to offer breadcrumbs for others to go
back to the sources where I found info so they can explore them for
themselves, not to justify my use or allow others to "check up" on me. As
someone who has always thought that many of the formats of citation that
academia enforces are a little silly, I feel fortunate to be working in a
space where common knowledge and innovation are valued over academic
Wow! These are some of the best discussions we've had on SLED in a long
time! Viva la debate! (err something like that)

On 7/6/07, Jeremy Hunsinger <jhuns at vt.edu> wrote:
> let's remember not to over promote citation culture too.
> intellectual honesty is a value we should promote, that is true, and
> citation is important in the respect that the knowledge that a person
> gains when it is clearly external needs to be appreciated as such,
> but many people here do not cite their 8th grade algebra book when
> they manage their checkbook, and it is true they shouldn't.   our
> students should not cite what is, or should become to them, 'common
> knowledge', we have to be careful about zealotry in terms of citation
> and anti-plagiarism.   ideas and knowledge cannot be owned, we
> shouldn't be promoting a culture that asserts that they might be
> ownable.
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