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Mansfield,SD mansfisd02 at LeedsLearning.net
Wed Jul 4 00:32:39 PDT 2007

Hello, everyone,


I work for Leeds Learning Network based in England and our job is to
provide education online through an internet learning platform. We would
like to try a new project by moving technology into the future by
setting up within Teen Second Life. We want to provide information with
our learning platform in a new innovative way which would give students
a modern way of accessing information, our age range is 11 - 17.


Could you please send me some information regarding the process,
features and costs this would inhale to bring Leeds Learning Network on
to Teen Second Life. Such as setting up this process and how to get
adults checked for monitoring. 



Thank you,


Scott Mansfield

Web Development Team

Hammond Hall
Elmete Lane
Tel: 0113 3862406

Fax: 0113 2144454 

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