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Mon Jan 29 16:57:55 PST 2007

I like your idea of handraising!
I am a slow thinker and even slower typist, so I can relate/resemble your

On 1/29/07, Risa Garelick <risagarelick at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Good morning to all~
> I am interested in knowing how those of you who already teach in world
> deal
> with class discussion. I know that for some of us...reading the chat and
> typing quickly is often a problem. I know that one can have the entire
> chat
> log available to them and read it slower...however, it seems that students
> may fall behind in the discussion and miss out asking questions they may
> have because the time has passed.
> I was thinking that a script for "hand raising" might work. Students could
> take turns talking and those students (or instructors) who may be slower
> at
> reading the chat would be able to keep up. Does anyone know of anything
> like
> this? Or any other soulutions...
> Thank you,
> Risa Garelick
> (Sadie Liebknecht)
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