[SLED] Text To Speech

Paul Fishwick fishwick at cise.ufl.edu
Sat Jan 27 16:54:08 PST 2007

It would seem that for education, one of the more effective ways of ensuring
that people at different distances can hear your voice is to use some 
form of
Text to Speech (TTS). This is of particular interest:

with Christian's house containing an object that does TTS in almost real
time (presumably via http_request and a server script that uses MS TTS (?)
to take the text and convert it to MP3). The problem is that nobody 
sells such
a device and Christian does not appear to have any scripting details beyond
the initial post that sends you to his house in SL. Does anyone have any 
TTS solutions so that the rest of us can try it?

On a related note, I am not sure if anyone has tried creating a ShoutCast
server, but in my initial trials I successfully created a server on my 
but then gradually realized that it is not "real time" - the MP3 stream 
of your
voice is delayed by quite a bit (or perhaps I was not doing it right).


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