[SLED] Copyright law (again)

Annette Pohlke annette at pohlke.de
Thu Jan 25 11:24:08 PST 2007

Actually I think you can not tell, if any of this is legal or not  
before you know where the server for the music stream is located,  
because only then you could tell which law actually applies. Then you  
would have to talk to the person who operates the stream. It may not  
even be the same person that sells the jukebox. If the person who is  
selling the jukebox is not the owner of the stream, what he does can  
best be compared to selling a radio. I don't think any legal  
restrictions would apply to selling a radio, or do they?

Annette Pohlke

Am 25.01.2007 um 19:50 schrieb Aaron Schultz:

> Milosun Czervik wrote:
>> Yesterday, I saw a gadget in SL that plays the tunes of a given  
>> band/artist. For example, you buy the "Johnny Cash" jukebox (a 1  
>> or 2 prim deal with embedded script), and install it on land you  
>> own or to which you have rights, if you click to play, you will  
>> hear eight or more Cash tunes.
>> These tunes stream from some dude's server - so there is no  
>> transfer of ownership per se.
>> What's the thinking on this with regard to copright law?
>> I know that with ShoutCast, I can stream my MP3's through my  
>> server, but I think I remember something about the fact that I  
>> can't make a list of *what* is to be played and post it. Perhaps  
>> I'm not recalling that correctly.
>> Anyway ... just trolling for input if you have time.
>> -Ross
> This falls under laws for re-broadcasting music.  Places like  
> LoudCity.net handle licensing for mp3/shoutcast servers, however  
> the above use would even violate that.  Part of the radio-style  
> licensing includes limits on the number of songs played by the same  
> artist, playing a full single album and other restrictions.   
> Chances are, this user is in violation of re-broadcast laws.  On  
> the Loudcity site they have some FAQs for more info.
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> - Aaron
> - Wagahai Oddfellow
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