[SLED] Copyright law (again)

Aaron Schultz aaron at powertrip.net
Thu Jan 25 10:50:56 PST 2007

Milosun Czervik wrote:
> Yesterday, I saw a gadget in SL that plays the tunes of a given 
> band/artist. For example, you buy the "Johnny Cash" jukebox (a 1 or 2 
> prim deal with embedded script), and install it on land you own or to 
> which you have rights, if you click to play, you will hear eight or more 
> Cash tunes.
> These tunes stream from some dude's server - so there is no transfer of 
> ownership per se.
> What's the thinking on this with regard to copright law?
> I know that with ShoutCast, I can stream my MP3's through my server, but 
> I think I remember something about the fact that I can't make a list of 
> *what* is to be played and post it. Perhaps I'm not recalling that 
> correctly.
> Anyway ... just trolling for input if you have time.
> -Ross

This falls under laws for re-broadcasting music.  Places like 
LoudCity.net handle licensing for mp3/shoutcast servers, however the 
above use would even violate that.  Part of the radio-style licensing 
includes limits on the number of songs played by the same artist, 
playing a full single album and other restrictions.  Chances are, this 
user is in violation of re-broadcast laws.  On the Loudcity site they 
have some FAQs for more info.

- Aaron
- Wagahai Oddfellow

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