[SLED] SLOODLE - 3D Engine Machine Open Source

rodney collins murray_mcardle at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 18 14:27:55 PST 2007

i m interested.  which two classes are using it?
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Hi there,

Sloodle is not frozen, but is progressing slowly at the moment.
Just now there are only a few of us working on code - and its squeezed in with
full time jobs and recent parenthood. (Three of the principals had babies born
shortly before christmas).

Jeremy is working with SL full time now, and just emailed me yesterday to see
about getting a progress report meeting set up - it might help if we
know how many
people would be interested in attending.

The first meeting almost filled Hyperborea to capacity!

Sloodle will be used this semester to support two real-world classes -
but it is definately
still to be considered an early 'alpha'.

Sloodle is also a key part of a number of research bids that have been
or are being submitted - should some of these be awarded we hope that
progress will shift up a couple of gears!

Look out for some announcements soon,


On 18 Jan 2007 13:12:31 +0100, .: Sebastian Komorowski :.
<sebastiankom at interia.pl> wrote:
> Hello,
> anybody knows what is going with project sloodle (sloodle.com) (moodle+sl),
> Is it frozen?
> I will be very grateful for the answer. By the, Hello to everybody, it`s my post here.
> best regards,
> Sebastian Komorowski
> PS. I`ve got another question. Maybe someone know a good, simple 3D Engine for Visualizations based on Open Source - It will be perfect if it could render from AutoCad files some 3D space. I`m lookin for that to make some visualisation, br
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