[SLED] Live Streaming Video Event - Is it possible?

Richard Smyth rsmyth64 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 18 06:16:46 PST 2007

  I attended an event back in October (NMC's Digital Media Symposium -- read about it here:
  http://www.nmc.org/campus/Impact_of_Digital_Media_Symposium )
  at which I heard Howard Rheingold speak (http://www.nmc.org/sl/2006/10/21/rheingold/ -- available as podcast--very worth listening to!! and one indication of SL's educational value:  I wouldn't have heard this otherwise).
  I know that at one of these events a friend of mine (Christy Dena/Lythe Witte) streamed her voice live (from Australia!) while she did a presentation during this event (see http://www.nmc.org/sl/2006/10/20/art-space/ for a summary and link to the audio file).
  Good luck!
  Richard Smyth/Abaris Brautigan
  Library Media Specialist
  Cathedral High School
  Boston, MA

Ken Hudson <Khudson at loyalistc.on.ca> wrote:
  Hello to this very active and informative list.

I am representing Loyalist College, Belleville, Canada, where today we
are teaching our first full-fledged class of Journalism students in
Second Life. It's been quite a time to prepare, and everyone is very
excited about our future possibilities teaching in SL.

Looking down the road, we want to stream one of our live events here at
the college into our space in SL, and then allow for questions from a
moderator in SL back to our live guest. 

Technically speaking, we know we can stream a video file and an audio
feed, but is it possible to stream a live event into SL for synchronous

What technology would be recommended for such a venture?

This is for several months away, but it represents an important
technological hurdle for us.


Ken Hudson - Kenny Hubble, sl

Ken Hudson
E-Learning Facilitator
Loyalist College
613-969-1913 ext 2435

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