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Singapore!  Yay!  Can I forward you to a friend in Thailand who is looking
for more Asian-based educators in SL?

I liked very much what you said on PRESENCE.  The immediacy is an immediate
bonus for SOME (not all respond to it), but the greatest value I've found as
an educator and creative professional is the ability to create, manipulate
and document anything within a collaborative environment.  There are some
things that just would not be easy to do otherwise.....creating an
international media series is just one of them.

Did you make it to Machinimasia as well?  We wanted to attend but were so
happy to get an award in the mail.
Nice that we can share media so easily now....I am glad to see this
community growing and rooting around the world.

Last year we hosted a discussion on machinima for educators on Media Island
and we should definitely do that again soon.  Is there interest in another
shortcourse in machinima?  During NMConnect, are there avatars who would
want an introductory course in machinima during the symposium Feb. 11-13?
We want to create open space for educators and creatives to make their own
presentations and courses for the community, as well as for our students.
If anyone wants to convene a session on machinima for educational use we
will definitely find a large space appropriate for the course.

Best wishes in your work,
evonne @ AMO Studio

On 1/16/07, Dioselin Gonzalez <dioselin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Educators!
> The following is "my 2 cents" regarding specific educational benefits of
> SL.
> (Note: I do this because my use of SL for teaching just started this
> semester by everybody using home connection and our personal
> computers; now that school authorities are showing interest I need to
> collect concrete data and examples in order to "sell" SL.   Maybe this
> is useful to some of you and I'm sure many can help me with
> clarifications, more examples and data.  Plus some people might be
> skeptical about SL exact educational usefulness --specially lately?
> *wink wink* )
> I teach in a games programming diploma in Singapore.  Concrete benefit
> of SL for us: reaching the rest of the world!
> We were able to attend the Machinima Festival that took place in New
> York last November.  We just didn't go to a website to click and
> download videos but instead we talked to the film creators who were
> there.  My students had the experience of directly learning machinima
> techniques directly from the machinimators themselves (some  were in
> the US, others were in Australia; movies were streamed in-world).
> Being at the machinima festival was an example of "group to group
> interaction" (a term I am borrowing from the Access Grid(tm)
> [accessgrid.org])  as opposed to one-to-many broadcast.   A similar
> experience could have been achieved through multicast
> videoconferencing in the Access Grid or Elluminate, but it would
> *also* be expensive in terms of bandwidth.  Some data I found, not too
> sure yet if it's comparable: SL downstream bandwidth can spike at
> about 400 kbps when teleporting [simteach.com]; receiving 10 H.323
> video streams at 256Kbps requires bandwidth > 3Mbps.
> Another point: we could have had a group-to-group interaction with
> only text chat or voice conferencing, but the difference in a 3D world
> is the added sense of presence, which is a term extensively studied in
> virtual reality and psychology.  Even though there is still some
> argument about its definition, presence has been measured and its
> value in learning has been shown (google will provide many
> references).
> I have another example but I don't want to make this post too long :-)
> But to summarize: SL and other virtual wolds provide building tools
> that Elluminate, Access Grid and similar collaboration platforms don't
> provide.  A specific learning objective in my class: to design a
> commercial game and its business model, and implement/test a demo of
> this game.  My students achieved it by designing it inside SL,
> building a prototype and testing their business model by using Linden
> dollars as the currency.
> I am teaching 3D by using 3D tools.
> Thanks,
> --
> Dioselin Gonzalez (SL: Chica Digital)
> Lecturer
> Digital Entertainment Technology
> Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore
> http://virtual-dio.com/nyp/it1925
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