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I agree that this could be an interesting course.  Personally I haven't found much difference between RL and SL in terms of land values - it's supply and demand, mostly.  And just as in RL, waterfront land, peaceful snowy mountaintops, beaches, etc. are much more expensive (and easier to flip) then property in a crowded sim with adverts, casinos, etc all around you.  There are some honest realtor's, and some dishonest - I've been around first land buys, where people have been shouting to purchase land from the noobies at greatly undervalued prices.

I've had a wonderful discussion recently with my neighbor that included a history of my sim, sweetbay, how it was started, how she bought up land to protect it from casino's going in, what she does sometimes to keep hobo's out, how she can put up a wall to block easy access, etc.  It was a fascinating discussion.

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Is it possible to discuss the "economics" of buying land in a virtual "SL" 
community. It seems that a course in economics... virtual economics is in order 
and I can't find the input. What is land worth and why? Where can I find more 
information? What experiences have "SLers" had?

Thank you,

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