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Only have one thing to say if I might.  As in Real life how we look or
better yet the content of presentations are totally influenced by how
the packaging it is in, is presented.  We bring our expectations with us
into this realm and that usually means we expect our mentors,
instructors to present themselves in accordance with pre-conceived
notions.  Hence a conservative business like presentation will always
achieve better results than one done where a bikini is worn by the
instructor.  What do we want the student to concentrate on.  hummmmm
The package or the contents.
Sides I can learn something by making something for someone.  Selfish
motives here

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	Fashion is what really spurred my SL research. I was preparing
to teach my first class in SL and decided it would be fun to have a
swimming pool on the island. So, of course, I went out to buy a swim
suit and found a great (and not revealing) bikini. I put it on and was
shocked at how naked I felt, vulnerable, and inappropriate. Right at
that moment I knew there was something very important about the tie we
have with our avatars no matter how artificial and removed we might
think they are. I felt as vulnerable in that SL bikini as I would have
in a RL bikini. I knew I had to start researching the relationship
residents have with their identity in SL. 
	When I gave my presentation in world last year at SLCC I put on
a suit complete with hot pink tie to prove a point about the image
educators have and their role in classrooms.
	Our avatars are physical rhetoric, a carefully crafted
expression of who we are and how we expect to be perceived. Discussing
who sells the prettiest shoes may not be SLED material but understanding
how educators should present themselves is certainly a fitting topic. 
	Just my two cents!
	On 1/10/07, Sean FitzGerald <seanf at tig.com.au> wrote: 

		And while I agree that what to wear is a valid topic for
discussion on the list I hope that Steven doesn't feel attacked. This is
a busy list and asking what is on topic here is a relevant question. 

			And I'd like to add that this list has been up
for -- what --  a year now?  And I think it's really quite remarkable
how helpful, friendly and respectful people on this list have been.
			Even when we have disagreed quite strongly.
			Ellie Brewster
			(Sharon Collingwood)
			... i do not want to be overly reactionary but
can i check whether this
			is actually supposed to be an educational
mailing list or simply a place for fashion advise.
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