[SLED] Intro/Help on any good GED High School Diploma prgaroms in 2d Life or otherwise

Chuck Weller weller at nxgh.net
Tue Jan 9 14:15:05 PST 2007



I’m Chuck Weller, and I founded a startup company to implement the newest
idea in healthcare I’ve seen in my 30 years in health care, Mike Porter and
Elizabeth Teisberg’s new model in Redefining Health Care (May 2006)(I was
lucky to have helped them and also describe it in my book with Porter and
others, Unique Value (2004).


I was a Peace Corps math and physics teacher in the 60s in Malaysia, and do
volunteer work with Cleveland Public Schools.

I’m exploring the GED as an option for dropouts and others and would love to
know 1-if there are places to go in 2d Life to prepare for the 5-part GED,
and any other good places online (particularly free for students).


Chuck Weller


Charles Weller

Founder and CEO

Next Generation Healthcare, LLC

314 MAGNET Innovation Center

1768 East 25th Street

Cleveland, Ohio 44114


weller at nxgh.net



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Thanks Cathy, as usual, online help from a stranger is direct and very



On 1/9/07, Cathy Arreguin <cathy_arreguin at mac.com> wrote: 

Hi Jeremy, 


While much of this listserve focuses on higher education/non-profit
applications of SL, there is a Teen SLED listserv that may be of better help
and encouragement to you.  Members of the TSLED are involved in a variety of
both implemented and "planning stages" projects and are a friendly bunch! 


You can find out more info about the T-SLED listserv and other in-world Teen
Educator groups here:


Hope we run into each other soon! 


Cathy Arreguin

(SL: Mari Asturias)





On Jan 9, 2007, at 11:16 AM, Jeremy Koester wrote:

Good day to all,

My name is Jeremy Koester.  I am an 8th grade math teacher in San Antonio,
TX.  Is anyone out there doing any work in SL with any level lower than
college.  Most of the posts I have read are from college professors.  Thanks
for all the help and the great dialogue.  I look forward to meeting some of
you in world. (where do most of you hang out is SL?) 


Jeremy Koester

Alamo Heights ISD


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