[SLED] boxing tool for distributing objects to students

Paul Fishwick fishwick at cise.ufl.edu
Sat Jan 6 11:38:39 PST 2007

Does anyone have a "boxing tool" that would work like this?

 1) Create one or more objects that are meant to be given to students
      with the idea that the student can modify all objects and see inside
      the scripts. Or a student creates the objects which are to be 
"handed in"
      to the instructor.
 2) Drag and drop these objects into a "gift box"
 3) Give the box to the recipient

Something like this would avoid the issues of having to manually set all
permissions after creating something. This seems to be one of the biggest
problems we've had with sharing objects (many of them linksets) with
each other: the perms are not set correctly and must be manually set for
all objects and the scripts. This results in lots of IMs that go like this
"you have not set Perm X for the object/script Y".

I am assuming for this that all objects and scripts would be original (they
typically would be things created by a TA, the instructor of the class, or
one of the students). We are out to make it easier to share things we create
with each other.


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