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On Jan 4, 2007, at 8:06 PM, Jason La Greca wrote:
> Ok guys, I have a favor to ask you all.
> (I appologise for the short notice, but I only found out this  
> morning…) In two weeks time I am going to be giving a presentation  
> about the current e-learning program at my Uni. This year didn’t go  
> too well, but next year I am hoping to convince the rest of the  
> English faculty and subsequently the Information Systems peeps, to  
> utilize various new software packages including SL as part of an  
> immersive program. Remembering that I live in conservative Japan,  
> and I work at one of the more “old school” institutions, I need  
> some really compelling arguments, even if to only secure one small  
> classroom somewhere where no one else has been in five years. This  
> is where I hope you can help me. I am seeking academic papers, or  
> success stories, examples etc, that I can use the highlight the  
> possibilities. The more prestigious the uni the better… lol.. but  
> really.. I know there are many researchers on this list, I was  
> hoping for some really good stuff, so that maybe we here can add to  
> that pile of research next year.
> Thanking you all in advance
> Jason La Greca
> Faculty of Economics
> Tokyo Keizai University

you can find some things about my project here:

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