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Thank you, both, for this excellent thread!  I think Beach College sounds

My thoughts, at the moment, are to not create anything "new" in the sense
that I don't wish to steal thunder from those doing great things.  My hope
is to create something new that will connect all of the different
educational spaces and provide some space for lone faculty members to use SL
permanently.  For those who wish to just try it, I recommend they use the
SLED offer for space.

If you had access to funding, what would you use it for?


On 1/2/07, Edmund Edgar <lists at edochan.com> wrote:
> Hi Birdie.
> I don't think I've introduced myself to the list - I currently run (mostly
> open source) IT systems for a test prep school in Tokyo, and (independently)
> have been working on the Sloodle project (hooking up Moodle with Second
> Life). I'm particularly interested in using SL for language learning, but
> it's great to see all the other things people have been doing.
> About your spot for teachers:
> Sloodle is coming along quite nicely - it shouldn't be long before you can
> use it (if you want) for managing who is allowed to come to your class,
> keeping records of what is said in class, etc.
> I've also been having some fun with Moodle's quiz module - for example,
> I've got a prim (a dragon in this case) hooked up so that it asks the user
> questions from Moodle, and goes up they get the answer right, down when they
> get the answer wrong, etc. In itself this isn't _that_ interesting, but I
> think the real fun would be in integrating this stuff with team games to
> bring out SL's social dimension; For example, as well as your football
> moving when kicked, we could link it with getting the answers to questions
> right; Or have it move around with a mind of its own, but giving the
> students/players clues to where it's going next...
> I've also been thinking about the practial aspects of providing enough
> land (ie supporting enough prims with little enough lag) to run classes,
> without going to the trouble and expense of everyone buying their own
> private island, which sits there unused most of the time. I'm thinking that
> if we can make it really simple to setup your class and control access to it
> (by storing all the necessary information in moodle) it should be feasible
> to lend / rent out large spaces by the hour, so a teacher would be able to
> get their class running in SL really quickly and cheaply.
> Anyhow, if you haven't already, I would encourage you to sign up at
> www.sloodle.com, take a look at the discussion forums and post some of
> your thoughts about what you'd like your Moodle-based Second Life courseware
> to do.
> Edmund Edgar (Edmund Earp)
> http://www.edochan.com
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