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Beth --

I love your idea of getting a spot for teachers to use facilities. Let me
piggyback on your suggestions.

Even before having students and teachers (but after nonprofit
incorporation), I've already started building a site where students and
visitors both have access. It's not an island, but with a little patience,
I've acquired five additional plots that adjoin (or almost) the original one
at Makkeolli 225,23,59. It now spreads across three regions.

The idea behind Beach College is to create a collaborative learning
community, where teachers as well as students continue to learn. (How
exactly is that done?) My conclusion is that teachers must be empowered, and
students must be empowered. Your scheme, Beth, appears to favor that

I'm also placing a premium on language acquisition, perhaps using the LAC
approach. I'm starting with the idea of creating buildings for "Language
Houses," which are not classrooms per se. A native-speaking host or host
couple would be in charge, inviting a mix of (Chinese, say) speakers and
students wishing to learn or improve their (Chinese) for non-class
activities appropriate to the target language/culture, such as holidays,
spiritual practice, etc. Once established, these houses could be friendly
competitors in putting on plays or sports or costume design, whatever. I've
never seen such a thing, but statistics say that real language acquisition
improves with usage, especially when for some purpose other than studying
grammar or literature.

In line with public facilities, so far all I've done is build a bandshell
(one of my first building projects, so go easy on me). I put up a practice
soccer field (but how to make the ball respond, I haven't a clue). A Student
Union is planned, and I'd welcome suggestions as to what works and what
doesn't for the students.

As for Beth's island, my first question is, how would the courseware be
managed, or would it be done simply in SL itself? Moodle seems like a good
choice; I have it on my site.

Second question: When and how?

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I am asking for money to purchase an island to build a SL community
college.  ... The point
would be to create a  main building with "standard" rooms, and then allow
faculty members at any school to apply for space to build their own
classroom.  ...
Also, this would function like a real CC in that it would be open for public
use for poetry readings, meetings, theater, film series, etc.

There will be no "rental" fees; however, there will be a free online
application process. ... open to any 2
or 4 year college (pub or priv).  ...

Soooooo....what do you think?  Would any of apply for a space during or
after the grant period?  Would you support the OA mission of the project?  I
am open to suggestions/ideas/etc :-)


If we are facing in the right direction,
all we have to do is keep on walking.

Birdie Newborn
SL: Makkeolli 225,24,59
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