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Hi Julie...


I know what you mean about large groups. I attended the Dublin event
earlier today...Wow! That was the most avatars I have seen in one tight
place!  I arrived late due to trying to use the exact coordinates for
the event and getting the message that it was full. It didn't dawn on me
until 10 minutes into the event I could teleport in a block away and
walk into the event :-P


Arriving at the meeting late with that many avatars seemed to be a
little disorienting :-) 


I'm not sure if there is a list somewhere  of "good practices" for
meetings with more than 20 attendees (there probably is somewhere and
I'm just not aware of it), but I'm willing to start one:


Good Practices for Meetings in SL with More Than 25 Avatars


1.	Have someone at the door as a greeter. Great for those that
arrive late. That person could fill in the late arrivals with the
current status of the meeting, etc. etc. Just for fun, take participants
snap shots and post them to flickr after the event.
2.	Divide the larger group into smaller groups...there must be a
hud that would easily enable private group chats in large room...?  HUD
is that the right term?  Then elect a group presenter that will present
the groups ideas to the whole group,etc. etc.
3.	Create a space prior to the event that attendees can go to and
preview the agenda and leave a questions or comment.
4.	Be sure someone records the session so it can be posted for
everyone to pick up after the meeting/conference.


I'm sure there is a ton more! Anyone? Anyone?





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Argh! Just wrote a response that my computer ate.


A colleague and I did an experiment last week using voice with
Elluminate (collaborative software) and SL and it seemed to work really
well. The project that I am looking at developing is targeting
communication in the healthcare environment and I think that voice is
necessary in this situation. (Especially since one of the groups that we
are looking at piloting this project with are non-native speakers of


I don't mind the text chat if I meet people in world and chat, but the
reason for my foray into SL was because I thought it could be a really
excellent arena to practice spoken English in a real world kind of


Has anyone else tried using SL in tandem with collaborative software?




I have attended a few events in SL and have been a bit disappointed.
They have started late and have been a tad disorganized and haven't
really shown me good examples of SL used well for educational purposes.
(Do I sound like your spinster aunt?) Can any of you suggest some events
that I should attend to have a good experience of SL being used well for
larger group events and for instruction?






SL: Juju Ling



Julie Henderson
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On Tuesday 27 February 2007 18:07, Mini Kahlon wrote:
> The other piece about chat that I think is really compelling - that
> isn't achieved by using skype - is that 'chatting' is accompanied by
> physical typing motion.

As unnatural as the typing seemed at first, it's part of the immersion

> That combination makes you feel like you're
> actually engaging with the other avatar.  Whenever I've used skype,
> felt more disjointed.  Integrating avatar mouth movements with voice
> would give us the same effect.  Wonder if we'll see that in June.

Skype can still work with SL. If one points at a diagram, or a mock-up
prims on the ground. But it's not the same.

Those who come into SL and always use voice will miss part of the
It's hard to narrow down.

Text chat is slower than voice. The extra time allows people to be more
introspective and thoughtful.

It's harder to monopolize the conversation in text chatting. Those
loud voices and assertive natures can participate more fully. That's why
meek, but creative people can do well in SL.

Still communications speed is important. Business users really do need


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