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Cathy Arreguin cathy_arreguin at mac.com
Tue Feb 27 14:21:18 PST 2007

Although voice can be faster, I actually have concerns integrating it  
INTO the SL interface.  When I've used an outside voice app for  
instruction in SL, I found it helpful to be able to continue  
instruction when I crashed and had to get back into SL.  Such was the  
case for students. If they unexpectedly crashed, we could continue  
discussion while they relogged. In some cases, we'd teleported on a  
bit of a field trip and they were able to find us quickly and get  
back up to speed because they were able to follow the conversation  
independent of SL.

Integrating voice into SL has some very interesting implications, but  
folks might want to carefully consider what happens when they are in  
the position to lose both SL AND voice at the same time during  
synchronous instruction.

Cathy Arreguin
(SL: Mari Asturias)

On Feb 27, 2007, at 1:14 PM, fred fuchs wrote:

> On Tuesday 27 February 2007 14:57, Mini Kahlon wrote:
>> I wonder how adding voice will impact the feeling of anonymity.   
>> There
>> are some uses/affordances of SL that really depend on individuals'  
>> sense
>> of being completely anonymous.  But a voice is recognizable, and just
>> thinking of myself, I think it would change the experience ...
>> Any thoughts?
> 1 - Voice can give away age, race, gender, accents, national  
> origin, etc. Some
> resist voice app integration because they believe voice will make  
> SL less
> inclusive.
> 2 - Still, voice is far faster than text chat. It's needed for  
> business
> applications.
> 3 - Third party solutions have been an acceptable solution. But,
> realistically, LL needs to provide voice.
> 4 - I note LL plans to allow land owners to make the choice to use  
> voice.\
> 5 - As with many difficult situations, there are no perfect solutions.
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