[SLED] Introduction - Environmental Science & Biology professor at a small liberal arts college

S Collingwood collingwood.7 at osu.edu
Sat Feb 24 15:35:45 PST 2007

When I've had a hard day in SL, I go over to Terminus to watch the 
grid lice.  They scoot along alarmingly, but they don't bite. 
They're trying to build an ecosystem there.  The group is called SL 
Ecosystm, Terminus 128 108 33.

Also, is the Svarga sim still up?

I am interested in Environmental Feminism, and one of the group 
projects in my upcoming Women's Studies class will be on women and 
the environment.  Perhaps we can connect?

Ellie Brewster

I know about Clean Energy Now, and the Center for Water Studies on 
the Better World sim.  Also, I have seen that there are some solar 
architects showing their work on SL, to sell RL home plans.  Any 

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