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Hello Everyone:
I have been lurking for quite some time now and picking up valuable resources and information from all of you. For that, I thank you!
My interest in SL is in the area of secondary education. I am an instructional technologist at a high school in Illinois where I work with educators on using instructional technology. Just yesterday, I presented a very informal presentation to a small group of teachers, staff, and administrators on SL. The purpose was to gather feedback on whether they wish me to continue exploring its possibilities for our school. The answer was a powerful YES from all but one person! With the overwhelmingly positive response from my school, I felt I better introduce myself since I'm sticking around for awhile :-) 
Along with my professional position, I am also a PhD student in Educational Technology. My research area is secondary reform and technology, and I believe SL offers some amazing possibilities.
Once again, thanks for all of your wonderful insights! 
See you in SL,
Existential Paine 
Ryan Bretag
Blog: http://bretagdesigns.com/technologist/
Website: www.bretagdesigns.com
Prof. Site: http://gbn.glenbrook.k12.il.us/technology/staffdev/  (UNDER HEAVY CONSTRUCTION; I suggest going there in a week)
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