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Hi Beth,
AngryBeth¹s free Whiteboard tool is an excellent all round solution for most
presentation tasks, and I¹d recommend having a look at it first to see if
this provides what you need. If you really need to hand write or draw on a
board, you could look at my markerboard tool at:
There¹s one there to have a play on, to see if its what you had in mind.
At the moment, I have to manually configure each additional copy of the
whiteboard, and each one uses a bit of my private hosting, so I¹m making a
small charge just to limit uptake to a manageable level. However, I¹m hoping
to secure some funding for this and other projects this week, with the aim
of open sourcing everything. In particular, I¹m keen to move away from my
reliance on commercial packages like Director, and I¹ve been messing about
with the Open source programming language, Processing (which spits out Java
applets). I¹ve made a start on converting the web-bit of the markerboard,
but I¹m struggling with the server-side of things. Does anybody on the list
have any experience with Processing? I¹m particularly keen to develop
something more copy-able, so I can stop charging and stop worrying about my
server grinding to a halt.

On 24/2/07 1:55 pm, "Beth Ritter-Guth" <bethritterguth at gmail.com> wrote:

> A few weeks ago, someone had mentioned a write board that you can actually
> write on.  I visited the slurl, fell in love, but couldn't buy it.  Since
> them...I have lost its phone number....does anyone have that slurl?  Do we
> know if it is fixed to purchase?
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