[SLED] land question

Milosun Czervik milosun.czervik at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 10:28:12 PST 2007


Hi there. I am working with a colleague in Saudi Arabia; his college is
looking for some land. What are your prices / sizes?


On 2/9/07, Chris Hambly <chambly at gmail.com> wrote:
> We have a whole island, it has very a low prim build on this and almost no
> scripts, in fact script time for the whole island is around 2ms, which is
> probably some kind of SL record! - This was THE major design thrust during
> planning, as we use it as a performance space we must have a good user
> experience.
> We rent spaces out to educators, we also rent the whole island out if
> needed.
> We have had 60 avatars, and I know we could take many more due to our low
> low lag policy.
> We are also encouraging others in SL with land no matter how large or
> small to add their places to our wiki.
> Feel free to come chat with me anytime.
> Chris Hambly
> SL: audio zenith
> http://audiocourses.pbwiki.com/
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