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Barry Joseph sl at globalkids.org
Mon Feb 19 06:20:58 PST 2007


I think your suggested solution raises an issue I have often 
mentioned in the past - participation and management of that 
participation in SL is based on its vestigial nature as a game - in 
which one account is managed by one person - as opposed to the 
communication tool it has become - in which organizations jointly own 
groups of accounts and can manage those accounts.

It is clear to me that for SL to scale they need to provide group 
management tools for, just to take one example, an educator to create 
and manage her student's accounts. Once such a tool is in place, it 
will be self-evident that the manager is in an approved educators 
category, and the avatar accounts they manage would be associated 
with an educator. We as a group could then put our voices behind 
insisting that if SL wants to be used for education, they have to 
acknowledge that we, the account manager, is the one to be held 
accountable by a new system (e.g. have we purchased lindens) and not 
the students we bring in.

But until such a group tool is in place, it seems we will be at quite 
the disadvantage as we expand our programs if indeed our students are 
denied access.


>Would a simple solution here be:
>1 Pathfinder sets up a list of accredited educational establishments 
>and an assigned avatar name to each.
>2 That each 'head edu avatar' creates a group OR fills in a 2D 
>online form with a list of 'approved taking-a-class avatars' 
>- <http://www.secretlair.com/index.php?/clickableculture/entry/second_life_account_management_going_2d/>http://www.secretlair.com/index.php?/clickableculture/entry/second_life_account_management_going_2d/
>3 This educational batch of avatars be treated as 'paying' customers?
>Thoughts? Is this workable? Could you see LL doing this? I can't 
>imagine the proportion of 'being-taught' avies being more than 2% of 
>the total of 'entertainment' avies? Is this being elitist? etc etc
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