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Robin Harper robin at lindenlab.com
Sat Feb 17 12:27:20 PST 2007


I understand your concern but right now there are no workarounds.  
Unfortunately, we also won't have a lot of lead time if we *do* need  
to put these restrictions in place. However, peak concurrency levels  
where we might have to do so usually occur on the weekends, so I hope  
your class won't be affected.


On Feb 17, 2007, at 12:09 PM, S Collingwood wrote:

> Hi Robin,
> I just read about the new policy on grid overload (quoted below).   
> While I understand why it's being implemented, and it's probably a  
> good idea, I'm wondering what will happen to my students should  
> this happen during class time.
> My whole course was planned around the idea of free student  
> access.  I've got a pretty tight budget, and I don't have a couple  
> of hundred dollars to get my students registered through LL, so  
> this all makes me pretty nervous.  I'm sure others who are teaching  
> in SL will have a question about this.
> Is there a way for qualified teachers to assure student access  
> without paying the registration fee?  Could it be worked through  
> membership in a group, or something like that?
> Thanks for your help
> Sharon
> (Ellie Brewster)
> When the Grid is under stress, resulting in content loss and a  
> generally poor experience, we would like to have an option less  
> disruptive than bringing the whole Grid down. So we've developed a  
> contingency plan to manage log-ins to the Grid when, in our  
> judgment, the risk of content loss begins to outweigh the value of  
> higher concurrency. Looking at the concurrency levels, it's clear  
> heaviest use is on the weekends.
> When you open your log-in screen and see in the upper right hand  
> corner Grid Status: Restricted, you'll know that only those Second  
> Life Residents who have transacted with Linden Lab either by being  
> a premium account holder, owning land, or purchasing currency on  
> the LindeX, will be able to log-in. Residents who are in Second  
> Life when this occurs will only be affected if they log-out and  
> want to return before the grid returns to normal status.
> At the same time, new account registrations will be closed.
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