[SLED] Just out! ... Learning in Immersive Worlds: a review of game based learning report

Bill Freese iedbf at montana.edu
Fri Feb 16 07:24:53 PST 2007

Why not, indeed? One can easily imagine an exercise in which students  
mentally immerse themselves into an imaginary world by closing their  
eyes and constructing together a mental picture of that world. Much  
of what we see in Second Life is drawn from places imagined before  
the computer was even dreamed of. As for "role play" a number of us  
have chosen in Second Life to play ourselves. It is very easy to  
picture a technologically based immersive situation in which no  
actual role playing is taking place beyond the role playing that all  
of us do in Real Life. If a discussion of immersive worlds is to be  
restricted to three dimensional virtual environments, supported by  
computers, in which participants adopt roles other than their own  
lives, it would be best to state that definition clearly up front,  
because many other possibilities exist. If such a definition has not  
been stated, I don't think it can be assumed.
Bill Freese / Bill Friis

On Feb 16, 2007, at 7:19 AM, Daniel Livingstone wrote:

> ... I was left wondering what is actually
> meant by the term 'Immersive World' as one of the studies appears to
> be a (html) web-based role-play project. If that counts, then why not
> an immersive
> role-play without technology at all?

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