[SLED] Tutorial video series for SLED community use

Sean FitzGerald seanf at tig.com.au
Thu Feb 15 20:44:51 PST 2007

Hi Jeremy,

Congratulations for doing this. This is just what is needed - 
informative, visually rich resources that introduce newcomers to SL.

I would say there is a need for all the topics you have described, and 
them some, but the priority is probably for the basics... using the 
interface, getting around, basic building etc.


Jeremy Kemp wrote:
> Hello there,
> Just a quick note to offer a new resource to the
> community. As part of my full-time position as a
> Second Life campus director, I build resources to help
> orient our faculty and students.
> San Jose State's School of Library and Information
> Science is building a library of short videos.
> A preliminary piece on Beginning Building skills may
> be linked to here:
> rtsp://stream.simteach.com/stream.simteach.com/BegBuild.mov
> This is 4-minute tutorial is streamed in-world at our
> 7600 square meter community sandbox here:
> http://slurl.com/secondlife/SJSU%20SLIS/190/170
> This was fun to put together on a MacBook Pro with
> SnapzPro, iMovie and GarageBand. Took about two hours
> per minute of video, though! Capture, edit, title,
> narrate, export with streaming hints and upload to
> stream.
> If this is helpful, give an email about priorities on
> possible future topics:
> o) Intermediate Building (linking, permissions)
> o) Estate Management (sandboxes, access, land
> features)
> o) Avatar clothing and attachments (texture, hair,
> props)
> o) Chat and IM controls
> o) Basic scripting (notecards, floating text,
> rotation)
> o) Intermediate scripting (email, input, sensing)
> o) Adv. scripting (web connect, network update, HUDs)
> o) Tools for community facilitation
> o) Instructional design in 3D space
> o) Scripting for feedback and assessment
> Check out the Second Life website list for more info
> on generic topics: http://tinyurl.com/23xpzo
> My goal, though, is to focus my production time on
> details most useful for the SLED crowd.
> If you need the raw clips to repackage with your
> narration and logos, let's chat.
> -Jeremy "Kabumpo" Kemp
> Campus Director - "SJSU SLIS" Island 
> slisweb.sjsu.edu
> Simteach.com / Sloodle.com
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