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Lynda Williams williaml at unbc.ca
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Very cool idea Lynn. 

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> Hello!
> My name is Lynn McClelland, and I am an English Instructor at 
> Paradise 
> Valley Community College in Phoenix, AZ.  I was introduced to Second 
> Life last week and am so excited about it.  I teach Digital 
> Storytelling 
> on our campus and attended the "Teachers Buzz" on Monday, 
> February 5th.  
> After I attended the "Buzz," I began to explore the virtual 
> campus.  The 
> art museum really struck me. 
> What would it be like to create an International Digital Storytelling 
> Museum where visitors could explore digital stories just like they 
> explore the artwork in the museum?  Stories from all over the world 
> could be placed on the virtual walls where visitors could press the 
> images to play them.  Digital storytelling classes could meet in this 
> space to explore the art form, swap stories, share lives.  I've 
> contacted Alan Levine, aka CD Barkley, and he asked a couple of 
> important questions:
>         * What is special about showing videos in Second Life versus
>           making them available on any web page?
>         * What can you build around that that makes it worth 
> going into SL??
> These are really important questions that go well beyond just the 
> Digital Storytelling Museum.  They really apply to everything 
> we would 
> want to do in this space.  I am interested in hearing what everyone 
> thinks about this idea.  I have contacted fellow Digital Storytelling 
> instructors at other MCCCD campuses, and they are interested in both 
> exploring Second Life and its potential as well as the idea 
> of a Digital 
> Storytelling Museum. 
> Well, that's about it.  I look forward to working with you.
> Sincerely,
> Lynn McClelland
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