[SLED] Shiny Prims go Mirror Prim with First View SL Client!

Intolerable Ginsburg ginsburg at intolerable.org
Thu Feb 1 12:26:01 PST 2007

Emin Saglamer wrote:
> I just found out about this. If you download and run the First View 
> client you can tap into the new mirror prim functionality.
> To turn mirror prim functionality on, go to the Debug Menu, select 
> Rendering-->Dynamic Reflections on the Client.
> You will notice that all prims set to HIGH reflection will now function 
> as mirrors! Wow. Pretty cool huh.

Very cool and thanks for pointing out. Already having quite a bit of fun 
with this! I'm using a few mirrors together and there doesn't seem to be 
any slowdown with the client, which is great!

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