[SLED] Linked In: A Missing Link

Emin Saglamer es26 at txstate.edu
Thu Feb 1 11:44:48 PST 2007

Unless you agree to pay the 20 dollar montly fee, what would anyone get out
of Linked in, that they could not get out of Facebook, Friendster, mySpace
or Orkut for that matter??

Linked in looks like a Friendster in a business suit, and that is Friendster
as it was before they established groups.

And all these people sending links to their profiles, how is that supposed
to help? What I get at the urls sent is a basic name, and position kind of
profile and there¹s no button to link to them. The only thing I see is a
Contact Directly button which forces me to pay to get this person¹s e mail.

I am especially loving the fact that this site asks for the users to enter
their Yahoo, gMail, AOL and Hotmail account ids and passwords so that it can
³import² data from these account for the user¹s benefit. What trust we have
in companies we have no idea about. It floors me every time.

This seems like a waste of time and another e-opportunity to over-share
personal details online. Am I missing something? I could not even find a way
to make, or search for groups.

Either way my link is (for whatever it is worth):

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