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Caledon Library Sponsors a Story-telling Session at the Falling Anvil Pub,
  Tales of Harvest Time
September 11th, 2008, 6pm SLT
Falling Anvil Public House
Caledon Tamrannoch
  Come and celebrate the Caledon Harvest Festival. Bring your own stories, poems and reminisces of the nippy air, falling leaves, and all the rest of your favorite things that remind you of Autumn. Stories of sowing and reaping, of things coming to fruition, of harvests both real and metaphorical are welcome, as are tales of Ghosties and Ghoulies and things that go bump in the night. In commemoration of the day, stories of the cycle of life, of how we live and how we die, are especially welcome. All storytellers, raconteurs, and creative liars are welcome, as are those who merely enjoy a good yarn. 
  Sponsored by The Caledon Library and the Clan of Seafarers and storytellers, hosted by Aldo Stern and Kirawill Collingwood, and brought to you by the letter G. 
  Jazz Cat on Infotainment Island
Tuesday Augues 28th @ 6:00 PM SLT
  The Jazz Club SL Library 2.0’s new jazz club is a welcome addition to the Information Archipelago as a place where librarians, educators, volunteers, and SL residents can relax, listen to great jazz, dance and chat. If you have been looking for a quality jazz club, a romantic place to dance, or just good company and good music, the Jazz Cat should be on your list of favorites. We are planning an official opening party sometime in September when Infotainment Island is complete, but we’re so excited about the club we wanted to share it with everyone now. So, in honor of jazz great Charlie Parker who was born August 29, 1920, please join us for a night of hot jazz on the lake. This will be a formal club so, please dress to impress! 
  Mystery Manor on Info Island - Book Discussion
Wednesday, August 29th @ 6 PM SLT
  A discussion of Ian Rankin’s Second Inspector Rebus novel, led by Maxito Ricardo.
Keystone Bouchard’s exhibit: REFLEXIVE ARCHITECTURE
  Opening event, Thursday, August 30th
  6 PM SLT
  Library Gallery, Info Island
  Exhibit runs: August 23 - September 23, 2007
  Info Island (31,105,33)
  “Virtual architecture should behave more like a liquid than an artifact.” — Keystone Bouchard. 
  Winston Churchill’s statement, “We shape our buildings and afterwards, our buildings shape us,” illustrates the static nature of real life architecture. It is a rigid and immovable artifact, and the occupants are passive observers. 
  Generally, the first generation of architecture in Second Life has been an attempt to import the same monolithic state into a virtual environment. Bringing this baggage into Second Life is a logical phase of transition, given that we learn to organize our environment based on visual cues we learn from early childhood. It makes sense that we import those familiar patterns as a first instinct. 
  However, we quickly learn that avatars and their cameras flow through virtual architecture more like a liquid than an artifact. No amount of implied rigidity can prevent or restrict this freedom. The architecture is either artistic sculpture or pure interface. 
  The experiments and installations in this exhibit are an attempt to create a ‘reflexive architecture’, one that is as fluid and dynamic as the community it hopes to serve. The occupant can now transcend the role of passive observer, and become an active part of the architectural and musical composition. The architecture knows you’re there, and reacts to your presence. 
  We need a new language of virtual architecture, based on the inherent opportunities and characteristics of this virtual fabric. Reflexive architecture is one step toward this new language. 
  Visitors will be invited to leave their thoughts, comments, and challenges for virtual world architecture.
  The Library Gallery on Info Island will serve as the ‘hub’ of a two-part exhibition of architectural experiments. Visitors may teleport to the second part of the installation (or visit the skybox http://slurl.com/secondlife/architecture/193/111/601/ ) to experience the larger models. 
  Avatars may enter the exhibition at any point.
  About Keystone Bouchard (Jon Brouchoud in real life):
  Trained as an architect, Jon originally started using Second Life as part of his real life practice, Crescendo Design, where he used it as a tool to help his clients visualize design concepts. 
  He has since moved to Berkeley, California to become Clear Ink’s 3D Experience Architect, participating in the creation and design of Autodesk Island, U.S. Virtual House of Representatives, Clear Ink Island, and TED Island. 
  He founded The Arch blog (http://www.archsl.wordpress.com), leads the Architecture in Second Life Group, and manages Architecture Islands. 
TX950 - Information Island
TOGA Party!
Friday, August 31@ 6 PM SLT
  We are celebrating back to campus with our own version of the Animal House toga party  So come dressed as a character from the movie, or just in your best toga! NO contest for this one, but we will have prizes and fun!

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