[SLED] trouble creating accounts

Trevena, Stan Trevena.S at monet.k12.ca.us
Tue Aug 28 16:07:51 PDT 2007

You have to use an unique email address to register an account.  We use
the web DLL's to register our students, and I always know when they
already have an account.  

Stan Trevena

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Has anyone else had trouble getting their students to register for
accounts on SL.  Noone in my class has yet been able to get an
account.... and they have all tried many many times.   The usual notices
they get are:

  --  "unable to create an account at this time" or

  -- "Linden Lab reserves the right to limit the number of Second Life
accounts an individual may have."


I have suggested trying to register with different names or from
different machines but so far no luck.  Needless to say this has been
very discouraging to my students.  Any help would be appreciated.


Ken Schweller






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