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I was recently faced with this same decision (since my uni. will not pay for
an island) so I went with renting.  Where I rented from gives a 10% discount
for paying 6 months at a time, and so far I am totally happy with the

Good Luck,

On 8/27/07, Celia Reaves <celia.reaves at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm about to take the next big step and buy some land. I've found
> something that looks interesting, but I'm not sure how it will play out, and
> wanted to ask the collective wisdom here what you all think. I've found land
> for sale by something called AsRux Estates. This is a company, based in
> Australia, that apparently buys up large chunks of land, terraforms it,
> breaks it into smaller parcels, and then "sells" the parcels. The kicker is
> that you don't really buy the land - you apparently rent it from them. You
> don't need to have a premium account and you pay the tier fees directly to
> AuRux. You have to agree to a covenant that prohibits you from changing the
> terraforming much, building too tall, doing commercial business, griefing or
> harassing, etc. This is all stuff I would want my neighbors to agree to! The
> land looks nice, the neighbors' properties look nice. The fee I would pay is
> basically the same as the premium fee ($9.95/month). I don't get the stipend
> from LL, but on the other hand I can have some confidence that nobody's
> going to build a 20-story shopping center next door. On the third hand, I
> don't "really" own it, but on the fourth hand they seem to have been in
> business a while and the place looks nice.
> So - anybody know anything about this? Is it a good idea or not? I'd love
> to hear what people say before I take the leap.
> Celia Reaves (Sage Tammas in world)
> taking a deep breath before taking off......
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