[SLED] name tags at slcc next year & other thoughts

Niko Donburi nikodonburi at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 07:15:05 PDT 2007

With regard to nametags, my suggestions for SLCC2008:
  (1) That our names on the nametags be LARGER so that they can actually be read from a distance farther than two feet from the person;
  (2) That members of the SLEducators list have something on their nametag that is easily seen that denotes their membership, i.e. a red border, yellow star...
  Further, as mentioned in others' posts, there was not a place designated as a "SLEducators informal meeting area" where we could stop in to say hello. At a minimum, it would have been nice to have brought a few "SLEducators" signs to place on a couple of tables in the dining area during breakfast and lunch.
  While most of my time was spent involved in music matters (and yes, I am that guy who was busking in the hallway), I did enjoy a few discussions with fellow members of this list. I would have liked to spoken with more of you but as noted above, unless you were within touching distance I couldn't even read your name--let alone the small 9 point type in the Groups area.
  Finally, you should be aware that this SLEducators list is held in high regard by a number of Lindens (and others) at SLCC. It was referred to repeatedly during the panel discussion on the sustainability of live music in SL.

Jeremy Hunsinger <jhuns at vt.edu> wrote:
  I don't think nametags, or nametags that differentiate is the 
answer. nametags mean you run around looking for names all over the 
conference, which is really a bad way to be at a conference. 
concentrating people in one place for a short time so you can mingle 
and mix is a much better solution. we could delete nametags 
altogether after a nice mixer.
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