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Hi Carolyn,Recently I completed a class that was taught primarily in SL. The
experience was awesome.  However, there were many difficulties.  If you are
interested in learning about the experiences and tribulations that our class
encountered, check out the following links that are listed at the bottom of
this message.

Also, you might want to look at a machinima that another student and I
produced about education in SL.  In the past two weeks it has been viewed by
over 600 people.   We have received many comments indicating that it is very

http://karlkapp.blogspot.com/      [scroll about 3/4 down]
Tear Down The Walls: Web 2.0 Extends ClassHere are the blog postings from
the class and the wiki address, also you can go to YouTube or TeacherTube
and use "Kapp Second Life" to search for student created videos.

   - MSIT Second Life Wiki <http://msitsecondlife.wikispaces.com/>
   - Week 1: Total Chaos: First Second Life ID Class...Total
   - Week 2: Learning in 3D Second Class...Tech
   - Week 3: Third Class in Second
   - Week 4: Learning in 3D
   - Week 5:Learning in 3D Class: Instructor Technical
   - Week 6:Learning in 3D: More Tech problems and Virtual

On 8/25/07, Carolyn Lowe <drclowe at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am going to introduce my students to SL soon.  I wondered what
> suggestions you have for making this as easy as possible.  My students
> are preservice teachers - not computer science people - so they need a
> little more guidance and a lot fewer acronyms than some.  I am fairly
> new to SL but pretty adept with tech.  However, I am sure many of you
> have already been through this and have great advice.
> I did find that the "Science School" has a really good orientation -
> better than I got on Orientation Island as far as how to move, control
> the camera, etc.  Other than that, I could use some suggestions or
> "what not to do" advice.
> I would like to post some directions for them to follow that would get
> them inworld and operating quickly.  If anyone would be willing to
> share, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks
> --
> Carolyn "Clowey Greenwood" Lowe
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