[SLED] SLCC - inworld Wrap Up - DAY ONE

Beth Ritter-Guth bethritterguth at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 14:32:20 PDT 2007

Whew!  Day one FLEW BY!  We didn't get much audio out of chicago, BUT we did
have one heckuva GREAT time at NMC!

The highlight of the day was getting the crowd in RL to say
Supecalifragiliciouswelovesarahrobbins...we heard nothing else today, but we
did hear that.  MANY thanks to Carol Tucker for helping us get that message

We had some other REAL troopers today!  The inworld educators need to be
commended for their patience!!!  They have been awesome!  Many thanks to
Ellie Brewster/Sharon Collingsworth for stepping in and doing a VERY last
minute presentation on the deaf.  Many thanks to Jeremy Braver for stepping
in and volunteering to be the slide person for Sarah's presentation (though
we couldn't hear her much).  And thanks to Eloise for doing on the fly chat

Many thanks to Sneblen for doing an on-the-spot game of Primtionary (thanks
TakeMe Homewood for being a builder).

We have tagged all of our pics with SLCCEdu07 and we have these chat
archives (thanks, Eloise):



Many thanks to Nino for creating two "on the fly machinima" projects:



MANY thanks go out to the people trying TIRELESSLY all day to gt us
connected:  Jeremy Kemp, Daniel Livingstone, Chris Collins, and Carol

Se y'all tomorrow!!!!

Desideria (Beth RG)
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