[SLED] SLCC 2007 In-world stream on SLEDevents Calendar

Bruce Sommerville bdsommerville at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 01:29:22 PDT 2007

Hello All,
   The SLCC 2007 events that are to be audio streamed into SL have now been
itemised on the 'SLEDevents in SL' Google calendar. This should make time
coversion easier for those who subscribe to the SLEDevents calendar, and who
wish to attend the in-world strand.
The calendar may also be viewed in SL time mode at the webpage:

If anyone spots any mistakes, please let me know.
That gilded godless youth, Aidenn Brooks, will probably attend in-world on
my behalf (at Australian friendly times), so please say "G'day mate" if you
see him. :-)
All the best,
Bruce Sommerville.
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