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Sigle, John John.Sigle at lsus.edu
Mon Aug 20 18:33:51 PDT 2007

I am new to this group and this is my first post.  I am Chair of the Computer Science Department at LSU in Shreveport, and am extremely interested in setting up a private island in SL for use in instruction in our classes. SL would seem to be conducive to a blend of graphics and programming instruction. I am much less interested in SL social interaction than in the graphics and scripting capabilities in SL.  
However, the interaction and communication among teams of students (and faculty) is definately a plus.
I have a number of questions and have not been able to get any answers.  I asked most of the following questions via an email to pathfinder at lindenlab.com as per instructions in the Real Educators in SL area on Tuesday night but have recieved no answer.  I have not been able to contact Linden Labs by phone yet. 
0. Is Linden Labs a stable company?  I ask this based on the payment issues described in this forum, on the fact that I have not recieved an email reply, and on recent news stories.
1.  Can an island purchased foe education really be protected well from outsiders, i.e. restricted to our faculty and students?  I got attacked by griefers the other night.
2.  Is is possible to use our real names?
3.  Is it possible to host our own server?
4.  What are the payment options?  We usually need to use a PO.
5.  Do you know of others that are doing something similar (in Computer Science) to this?
6.  With a private island, is it possible to import stuff from the public SL world to the private island?
7.  What kind of maintenence is available, such as getting bugs fixed or sims restarted if needed?
8.  With a private island, are there any special aspects that I need to be aware of?
9.  About how many simultaeous users, on the island, can I expect to be supported?
10. How many total users (our faculty and students) can use the island?
11. What are the approximate bandwidth requirements per user?
Any assistance will be appreciated!
Dr. John Sigle, Chair
Dept. of Computer Science
LSU in Shreveport
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